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Fueling Athletes to Perfection

Good nutrition, as well as dedication, motivation, training, and adequate recovery are essential for optimal sports performance. To assist athletes, as well as active adults, maximize their workout and quickly recover lost fluids and amino acids, Llorens has developed a unique line of sport supplements to help support consumer’s workout grind and nutritional needs.


  • Our source is liquid hydrolyzed collagen, which helps restore connective tissue and provides the nutrients needed to support skin, nails, and hair. It increases your metabolism, boosts energy and helps build stronger muscles.
  • Protein supports muscle growth by providing your body the natural energy it needs to lower the rate at which your muscles waste away while training. It also rebuilds the lean tissue lost during exercise.
  • Protein helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is optimal for muscle growth. A positive nitrogen balance helps your body reach peak performance levels.


  • Carnitine is a compound made from the amino acids lysine and methionine.
  • It is naturally produced in the body and is essential for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and body processes.
  • It is present in almost every cell in the body and plays a crucial role in energy production.
  • Carnitine helps metabolize food into energy, increases blood flow, improves symptoms of fatigue, and supports faster recovery.



Our pre workout contains caffeine, which helps decrease the sign of muscle pain and fatigue by increasing spinal cord excitability and muscle fiber recruitment.

Beta Alanine

This non-essential beta-amino acid has been proven to raise muscle carnosine concentrations, which help prevent muscle fatigue that comes with a drop in pH levels during high intensity workouts.


Ingesting TMG increases water retention in cells and helps strengthens cell structure. The preservation of hydrated cells has been shown to support athletes by increasing muscle strength and power while simultaneously enhancing endurance.


Taurine contains antioxidant properties that help protect the body’s cells from damage that result when muscles oxidize and burn away during workouts. Taurine can help the body relieve cramps and muscle soreness while lowering levels of fatigue.


Branch chain amino acids help improve symptoms of fatigue by reducing the amount of tryptophan that enters the brain. They aid your workout by increasing the rate of protein synthesis in your body, which reduces the overall amount of protein breakdown.


Bioperine plays a key role in the process of thermogenesis, which sets in motion mechanisms that lead to digestion and absorption of the daily food and nutrients the human body consumes. Bioperine can increase the metabolic processes and create a more efficient mode of transporting these nutrients to your blood.

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