Specialty Nutrition 

keeping the body fueled with essentials

When your body lacks certain nutrients and vitamins to complete bodily functions, specialized supplements can assist by speeding up the body’s absorption of amino acids. Llorens can help you meet your clinical nutritional needs through our extended line of specialized nutritional products, from concentrated liquid protein to therapeutic liquid iron, which have been specially formulated to supply your body with missing minerals and nutrients.


Try Proteinex

Proteinex is a predigested liquid protein that provides a high concentration of protein in a small serving size. It is a complete protein supplement that provides your muscles the amino acids needed to prevent breakdown and help rebuild lean tissue. Proteinex supports muscle growth, increases metabolism, and provides structural nutrients needed for the repair of injuries.


Try Fiberex

Fiberex provides 15g of dietary fiber with FOS and prune juice concentrate. It accounts for 60% of the daily value for fiber, which assists in meeting RDA requirements. Fiberex supports intestinal health and helps reduce harsh bowel movements. It is recommended for anyone suffering from chronic constipation.


Try Hematex

Hematex is a high dose oral iron that contains 100mg of elemental iron in the form of polysaccharide iron complex. It causes no constipation, gastric irritation and/or distress. Hematex can benefit those that require oral iron supplementation, such as anemia, acute renal disease, oncological, and post-surgical patients. It can also benefit pregnant women, as well as elderly patients whom eating habits may not provide sufficient iron from their diet.


Try Electro IV

Electro IV helps replenish minerals, nutrients, and fluids lost through dehydration. Whether you’re recovering from a bike ride, refueling after a heat-heavy day, or recuperating from sickness, Electro IV can quickly rehydrate your body and help you optimize your performance through its unique combination of electrolytes.

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