It all started in 1899, in Ponce, Puerto Rico, with the birth of pharmacist, chemist, writer, lexicographer, and journalist, Washington Llorens. Since his childhood, Washington was focused on exploring, researching, and experimenting different ideas that would help support his ten-member family. From mixing ingredients to maximizing food portions, to experiencing with natural herbs to prevent sickness, Washington’s unique upbringing in a small, farmer’s town was the stepping-stone for what he would accomplish in the years to come.

Washington attended Temple University in Philadelphia, where he earned a degree in pharmacy and chemistry in 1925. Soon after, he returned to Puerto Rico and became president of the Association of Chemists and the Puerto Rico Pharmacy Examining Board, director of the Revista Farmacéutica journal and co-editor of the Boletín del Colegio de Químicos. Perhaps Washington’s most notable contribution in the field was his work as a chemist for the federal government, in the Federal Laboratory of the Internal Revenue Service’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation, where he studied and identified different substances that were confiscated in Puerto Rico to determine if they were legal under the law.

A man of many talents, Washington also excelled in the linguistic fields and was a member of the Real Academia Espanola, president of the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature, and the author of seven books published between 1959 and 1977. Washington also contributed to various publications and periodicals and was the recipient of two awards from the Institute of Puerto Rican culture.

During his last years, Washington’s passion for pharmacy was passed on to his grandson and mentee, Jose Llorens. Through Washington’s knowledge and wisdom he was able to guide Jose through the launch and early years of Llorens Pharmaceutical, which opened its doors in 1985. The company’s first four years in business was led by Washington’s thorough experience and expertise in the field, as well as the introduction of three products Nutrivit, Tusnel and Tusnel Pediatric.

In 1989 Washington passed away; however, his life’s work inspired the mission of Llorens Pharmaceuticals: to improve human life by marketing quality health related products.


Jose Llorens, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, completed his studies in Spain before working in the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico. When he co-founded Llorens Pharmaceutical alongside his grandfather, Jose already had first-hand knowledge on what physicians, pharmacists, and consumers were seeking: quality and economic friendly products that would be readily available for users in their local pharmacy. With Jose’s marketing background and Washington’s expertise in the field, the success of the Llorens Pharmaceutical’s brand and products was just beginning.

In the early 1990’s, Jose started growing his team and introducing a variety of products, for the common cold to gastric bypass, slowly reaching a larger audience and expanding to hospitals, as well as health and nutrition stores. With the introduction of Proteinex, a liquid predigested protein, Llorens Pharmaceutical reached international success, with consumers from North, Central and South America, as well as Europe and the Middle East, requesting the product, in different flavors and sizes, to meet their dietary needs. Proteinex enabled Llorens Pharmaceuticals to evolve from local pharmacies and hospitals, to big-name medical distributors that would increase the demand for Llorens’ products.

After 30 products under the brand name, as well as a new division entirely dedicated to sports nutrition, Llorens Pharmaceutical launched its manufacturing plant where the company is now able to manufacture its own products, as well as perform contract manufacturing for other pharmaceutical companies. In 2017, Llorens’ manufacturing plant successfully opened in Miami, Florida.


Today, the Llorens’ team, including Llorens’ family members, work diligently in ensuring that Llorens offers quality products, excellent customer service, and an innovative approach to the family business. With a growing line of pharmaceutical products and with a new manufacturing plant to manage, the team continues to instill innovative ideas that fall in line with changing market trends. With continuous family involvement, a strong management team, and the support of our loyal customers, the Llorens’ team looks forward to expanding the family business with Washington’s mission as the ultimate guide.

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